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Mint Indian Bistro to Bring the Heat to Spring Valley

The eastside Indian fixture is expanding west.

Mint Indian Bistro
Mint Indian Bistro
Property Line

Since 2008, Mint Indian Bistro has been a very popular locale for Indian cuisine on the eastside and they are now expanding, seven miles west on Flamingo, to bring some spice to Spring Valley.

Taking over the long shuttered Kai Sushi & Steakhouse in the Durango Rochelle Center, the second Mint Indian will drop into the 4,450-square-foot property and will take advantage of an additional 3,000-square-foot from next door.

Describing the venture as "eclectic fine dining," the space will be completely remodeled and debut with a full bar. Owner Kris Parikh is confident the location will entice a new influx of Summerlin, southwest and Spring valley customers.

On Flamingo, Mint Indian offers a bonus attraction on their menu, the Inferno Curry challenge. Marinated with the hottest natural chilies in the world, the curry has defeated more than 1,700 guests since 2008, with less than forty diners able to beat the heat and finish their meal. A photo on the "Wall of Flame" awaits those with a cast-iron constitution.

The expansion has just begun the Clark County approval process.

Kai sushi & japanese steakhouse

4246 S Durango Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89147 (702) 251-1520