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F. Pigalle Sets a Date for Fondue on Fremont

The "gritty," yet "sensual" concept will also launch a Red Light Bar.

F. Pigalle
F. Pigalle

Chef Sam Marvin and LEV Restaurant Group's Jeffrey Fine are almost ready to debut the first dining venture for their new company, Foodcult.

F. Pigalle, will arrive on Dec. 15 inside the former Radio City Pizza and Retroscena space on Fremont East.

A fondue restaurant, guests can choose to dip away the hours with savory cheese, shrimp, steak or chocolate. F. Pigalle's style is inspired by Paris' Quartier Pigalle, home to the dancers of the Moulin Rouge and the seedier blocks in the neighborhood will be honored by the Red Light Bar taking over Retroscena.

Red Light's cocktail menu takes its lead not from France, but the below ground, jazz and cocktail lounge The Nightjar in East London.

F. Pigalle

F. Pigalle - Photo: CastroART

Marvin explains the project is "lively, gritty, relevant' and part of the process has included the owners asking local artist Pete Castro to obliterate his interior mural with many layers of graffiti tags to bring some authentic dirt inside.

With "private red booths and concrete steps," there will be enough room for 75 inside and 45 in the outdoor bar.

Opening hours will 4 p.m. to 4 a.m. daily.

Radio City Pizza

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