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Saffron Flavors of India Still Making Spicy Plans for Fremont East

The on again, off again Indian restaurant on Fremont is back on.

Saffron Restaurant & Bar
Saffron Restaurant & Bar

First revealed back in July of 2014, Northwest local's favorite Saffron Flavors of India once planned to open a second location at the City Center Motel on Fremont East. Featuring some very ambitious designs, the project stalled later that year.

But inspiring confidence, the dream is again alive. Saffron recently filed a steady flow of paperwork with the City of Las Vegas, including a site plan review.

Located directly across from the Container Park entrance, the original plans called for the demolition of the existing swimming pool and creating a 72-seat restaurant and bar with an open patio with room for 20 from scratch. Interior decor planned to include authentic Indian art and to compete with their neighbors, a roster of of live performances were on the docket. An outdoor deck would host views of Fremont Street and the Container Park's fire-breathing preying mantis statue.

No new timetable for construction has been released.