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Benihana Chops Its Way into the Fashion Show Mall

A Las Vegas veteran expands to the Strip.

Bradley Martin

The last mystery dining tenant at the under-renovation Fashion Show mall has been revealed. Benihana will bring their second Las Vegas location to the Strip, located in between the Davidoff Cigar Bar and the huge, under-construction, 19,000-square-foot Sugar Factory American Brasserie.

Yet to be officially announced, on-site plywood shows a signature, exhibition teppan grill-style kitchen where Benihana chefs have been flipping shrimp into hats and creating smoking onion trains for more than 50 years. The late Hiroaki "Rocky" Aoki launched the concept in New York City in 1964. Rocky was the father of Las Vegas fixture DJ Steve Aoki. The world's largest Benihana debuted in Las Vegas at The International, now the Westgate, more than 40 years ago.

Benihana Inc. is also the parent company of Ra Sushi, still serving a short walk away at the mall's front entrance, meaning you'll soon be able to buy a California roll within steps from each other at Ra, Benihana and the newly opened Kona Grill.

Fashion Show Mall

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