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Goodbye Revolution Lounge, Hello Still Restaurant at The Mirage

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Clique Hospitality will bring a $2.5 million taste of the outdoors to the resort.

Revolution Lounge
Revolution Lounge

The Beatles-inspired Revolution Lounge has shuttered at the Mirage and new plywood promises the resort is "building a new dream experience." It can now be confirmed that dream will be created by Andy Masi’s Clique Hospitality.

Currently named Still Restaurant, or The Still, depending on the paperwork, the 8,000-square-foot space will also feature a 2,000-square-foot patio. An Airstream trailer with a full working kitchen will be permanently fixed into place and become of the decor. The former lounge's two bars will be removed and a single new one will be installed, alongside a remodeled kitchen. The estimated construction costs alone for the project are listed as $2.5 million.

An official confirmation or timetable for completion has yet to be announced.