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Topless Girls of Glitter Gulch Plan Open-Air Bar

Under the Fremont Street Experience canopy, a new bar will be unveiled.

Girls of Glitter Gulch
Girls of Glitter Gulch
Bradley Martin

Long in the planning but now officially moving forward, Fremont Street Experience's only topless venue is pushing for their own outdoor bar, serving tourists and locals right under the canopy.

The Girls of Glitter Gulch strip club, or gentleman's club as they prefer, want to set up a 674-square-foot of bar out front, or perhaps to the side of the venue, well known for its infamous signage.

The move is a response to the recent trend of outdoor Fremont Street bars, including Bar 46 at the Golden Nugget, Cowgirl Up Cantina and Whiskey Licker Bar at Binion’s and the Golden Gate's One and Flair bars that sit across the plaza from Glitter Gulch.

The move, sure to cause consternation during the approval process, will be reviewed by the city in March, an audience still unhappy with the proliferation of alcohol vendors under the experience canopy.

Girls of Glitter Gulch was once the Glitter Gulch casino until in 1991 when it was turned into the strip club, incorporating the Golden Goose casino next door. The Golden Goose signage remains, but not its famous gimmick of offering a "FREE long distance phone call" to each guest. In 1998 the Glitter Gulch tried to return gaming to its venue, but undercover gaming agents reviewing the joint were solicited for prostitution, ending any chance of a casino revival.

Also above the Glitter Gulch sits high kicking Vegas Vicki, the neon wife of Fremont Street's legendary sign personality Vegas Vic. Vicki used to look down on the Sassy Sally casino, renamed Mermaids in 1999.

Girls of Glitter Gulch

20 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101 (702) 385-4774