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A Local CREAM Nation To Begin With Downtown Summerlin

CREAM sets a timetable for its ice cream sandwich creations in Summerlin.

Amelinda B Lee

California ice cream and cookie bakery CREAM is now officially working toward an early March debut for their first Nevada outpost at Downtown Summerlin. But it apparently won't be their last.

The cookie sandwich specialists launched in 2010, serving ice cream heavy on the butterfat and light on the air, plus gluten-free and vegan cookies and soy ice cream. Standing for "Cookies Rule Everything Around Me," the brand offers 24 different flavors, fitting three of them into their signature ice cream taco.

The local franchise reportedly has also set its sights set on expanding to the "Strip and the Fremont Street Experience" once the premiere location is up and running. Further specifics have yet to be revealed.

Cream will sit one block open from the equally anticipated chilled treat offerings of Gelato Messina, who will debut their Australia-imported creations on March 2.