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Magal BBQ House to Bring Korea to Chinatown

Korean barbecue is headed right across the street from the Chinatown Plaza.

Magal BBQ House
Magal BBQ House
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A former paint supply store will finally become a new dining attraction in Chinatown following a year of revisions and conceptual changes. The prime location, directly across the street from the Las Vegas Chinatown Plaza, will become the 4,260-square-foot Magal BBQ House, serving up Korean barbecue dishes.

With room for 175 and their own parking lot on site, the project will remodel the existing building and create a look in line with the "Asian Design" standards for the neighborhood.

For months the owners had been working on slotting The Garden, a Chinese restaurant, into the property complete with a banquet room. The new Korean direction shrunk their ambitions, dumped the banquets and focuses on a roasting menu.