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Drink as Much California Common as You Can at Sin City Brewing Co.

The beer is only around for two weeks. Yikes!

Sin City Brewing Co.
Sin City Brewing Co.

Craft brewery Sin City Brewing Co. is serving up seasonal California Common, and it’s only available for the next two weeks.

“The California Common is a lager beer that is fermented at ale temperatures,” said Sin City’s master brewer Rich Johnson. “Because the lager is made at a warmer temperature, the fermentation process is more active which paradoxically leads to a dry crisp beer teamed with a fruity nature, something beer lovers must try before the season is over.”

Found only at the Harmon Corner location, this lager uses a special brewing method that dates back to the 1800s to accentuate the fruit and caramel flavors.

The California Common is offered in addition to Sin City’s selection of five locally brewed beers available at the craft beer brand’s Harmon Corner outpost, a 20-seat walk-in bar located at Las Vegas Boulevard and Harmon Avenue.