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Celebrity Roaster Vinnie Favorito Talks Vegas Favorites

"People will double take me, but once I speak they usually recognize my voice."

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Vinnie Favorito
Vinnie Favorito
Flamingo Las Vegas

We've enlisted comedians, some based here and others who spend their time on the road and come through Vegas, to share their recommendations on great places to dine in Sin City for a feature dubbed Comedian Confidential.

Comedian Vinnie Favorito could be considered a professional roaster. His no-holds barred humor starts with the audience, his pawns for the evening and the targets of his unscripted barbs. His Boston accent and unfiltered insults get him out in the audience to make every show different. The jokes here start at racy and hit X-rated. Favorito performs seven nights at the Flamingo Las Vegas. Here he talks about the first thing that shocked him in Las Vegas, his first trip to Las Vegas and what he does to unwind after the show.

When did you move to Las Vegas?
In 2003. I came to Las Vegas shortly after filming a pilot that wasn’t picked up in Los Angeles. 

Do you remember your first trip to Vegas?
Yes, I was staying in California for a week with my girl from Boston at the time and we drove to Vegas, spent one night at the Golden Nugget. It was great.

Do you have any favorite restaurants you recommend here?
Capital Grille, Double Helix and N9NE Steakhouse.

Do people approach you while you're dining out?
Once in a while. People will double take me, but once I speak they usually recognize my voice. 

What about nightlife? Do you ever go out after a show to unwind?
No, not really. I have young kids at home so unless friends are in town I don't go out much.  It’s hard to go out when I work seven nights a week at 8 p.m. at the Flamingo. I love entertainment and respect all entertainers. I would love to be able to see more shows, but most of them are at the same time as mine. 

What was the first thing that shocked you in Las Vegas?
That would be how people walk around outside with alcohol. Plus I see people running all the time at six in the morning to stay in shape. In my neighborhood back in Boston, if someone was running at 6 a.m., it was because something just went wrong.

What can we expect at your show?
My show is unpredictable! It's fun nonstop energy, where people are afraid to get up to even go to the restroom because they think I might notice them.Plus they don't want to miss anything. Even I don't go to the bathroom during my show. Basically my show is a celebrity roast and you are the celebrity.

Flamingo Las Vegas

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