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Lobsterman's Restaurant Claws Its Way into Lake Las Vegas

The Maine-based restaurant dumps the snow for fairer weather and lobster pizza.

Lobsterman's Restaurant
Lobsterman's Restaurant

Lake Las Vegas takes a bite out of Maine when Shawn Elliott brings his Lobsterman’s Restaurant to the Montelago Village. Tony Illia reports the home of “the world’s best fresh lobster” signed a 39-month lease on 749 square feet for $47,187.

Dishes at Lobsterman’s include lobster rolls, hot artichoke lobster meat dip, lobster mac and cheese and lobster pizza. The original in Rockland, Maine, also served steak, burgers, chicken, haddock, salmon, salads and a kid's menu.

Speaking of the original, the restaurant announced on Facebook that it was shuttering its Maine location of three years in favor of Las Vegas.

MonteLago Village

30 Strada Di Villaggio, Henderson, NV 89011 (702) 960-0711