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Exclusive: Inside Word on the Pawn Plaza Themed Bar and Barbecue

The Pawn Plaza will pay tribute to Arkansas pigs and the Pawn Stars crew.

Pawn Plaza
Pawn Plaza
Chesnick Scott Design

Construction at downtown's Pawn Plaza is itching to begin later this month, but new details reveal you'll eventually enjoy barbecue and beer in a fully themed Pawn Stars bar or a mock Arkansas barn.

As Eater Vegas has been exclusively updating, across the parking lot from the now world-famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, boss Rick Harrison is creating a $2 million 11,708-square-foot retail and dining destination created with prefabricated container pods. Located on Las Vegas Boulevard, Rick’s Rolling Smoke BBQ will sit on the ground floor and upstairs, the balcony-enhanced Rick’s Rolling Smoke Tavern will celebrate his fellow Pawn Stars' careers. Here, Rick and Corey Harrison, the Old Man and Chumlee will inspire menu items, signature drinks and guests will get to hang out with Daisy Duke-inspired waitstaff.

Rick’s Rolling Smoke BBQ

Rick’s Rolling Smoke BBQ - Rendering: Chesnick Scott Design

The restaurant will take over 1,152 square feet and serve the locally renowned, "low and slow" Rollin Smoke Barbeque dishes from chef John Holland and his Arkansas-native family.

The interior theme will be based around a gimmick the owners are die-hard Arkansas pig farmers and experts in the authentic art of meat smoking. Their Rollin Smoke cartoon pig logo will be plastered everywhere and the weathered walls will be decorated with tin panels to give the impression you are dining inside an old barn. You'll also notice graffiti of jokes, slogans and diagrams explaining parts of the pig and appropriate grilling lingo.

The seating, as Eater Vegas first revealed, will be communal with wooden picnic tables, as found at an outdoor cook out. The table centerpieces will be rolls of paper towels to help deal with the generous Rollin Smoke signature sauce.

Completing the theme, waitresses will be wearing "Daisy Duke" inspired attire. Gentleman staff have to make do with T-shirts featuring the cartoon pig. Early paperwork suggested they will only be bringing guests alcoholic drinks, as sodas are self-serve and the restaurant will be be serving cafeteria style.

The menu itself will feature dishes named after the Pawn Stars and also the team of experts that appraise items on the show. Rollin Smoke already features a full menu including wraps, po-boys, meatloaf and seafood dishes at their original location, three miles from the Pawn Plaza.

Pawn Plaza

Rick’s Rolling Smoke Tavern - Rendering: Chesnick Scott Design

Upstairs will become Rick Harrison's personal domain. Rick’s Rolling Smoke Tavern occupies a smaller 864 square feet, but has the advantage of a 288-square-foot patio looking down on the street and the lines outside his business to the north.

The tavern will be completely themed to celebrate the TV show, with the front door built to look like the shop's night time pawn window. Garage doors will open onto the patio.

Inside, it will try to replicate the store, with walls filled with memorabilia. Receipts will be designed to look like pawn tickets handed out on the show, ready for Chumlee to "write em' up." Exhibits from Rick's personal collection will be on display, including the possibility of hosting his favorite motorcycles. Naturally, some of the signature drinks will be named after the Pawn Stars.

Pawn Plaza

Pawn Plaza - Photo: Bradley Martin

Earlier construction applications proposed a dumb-water would allow food to be ordered at the bar and then hoisted upstairs, but new plans make no mention of food service inside the tavern. The latest layouts do still feature slots to be cut in to the taverns' bar top to allow for future installation of video poker machines.

The site is currently still an empty lot awaiting the arrival of the brightly colored, pre-built structures. No updated timetable for completion has been announced.

Gold & Silver Pawn Shop

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