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Little Saigon's The Red Pot Won't Spark It Till You Mark It

California's The Red Pot is taking over a shuttered Macayo's Mexican Restaurant.

The Red Pot
The Red Pot
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A Taiwanese meets Chinese hot pot restaurant from Orange County's Little Saigon district is bringing their particular style of all-you-can-eat swish dishes to Las Vegas.

The Red Pot will be expanding 268 miles from Garden Grove, Calif., and arrive right next door to Metro Pizza, inside a shuttered Macayo's Mexican Restaurant.

Their specialty is to give guests a pen and a check list to tick off which pair of soup broths they'd prefer. Guided by the phrase, "We don't spark it till you mark it," they then light the hot plate at your table before boiling up broth choices like tom yum, spicy herbal and miso. Unlimited sauces including fermented tofu, satay and sesame can be chosen by diners with the best combinations posted on a wall of fame.

Guests then self-cook a wide variety of meats, seafood and vegetables in the broth. Adventurous choices include beef tendon and tripe and pork stomach and intestine, or stick with standard sections like lamb, chicken, calamari and cuttle fish ball. In Las Vegas an emphasis will be placed on their seafood options.

The Red Pot is still under construction, but promises it is "coming soon."

Metro Pizza

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