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Nekter and Kona Grill's New Dishes Plus Lotus of Siam Secret Menu

A daily wrap up of the smaller news you may have missed.

Lotus of Siam
Lotus of Siam

DOWNTOWN SUMMERLIN — Nekter Juice Bar now has wheat-free and vegan Earnest Eats oatmeal in blueberry and chia seeds and cranberry, almonds and flax. New caffeinated and decaffeinated hot teas include green, chai, peppermint and chamomile. Also new, NibMor Drinking Chocolate, an organic drink made with real cacao powder. [EaterWire]

BOCA PARK — Kona Grill has a new “Zest” menu with a bison burger and a habanero tuna roll. A Thai chicken flatbread, langoustine pasta, S'mores and a pineapple cilantro smash with Patron sSilver tequila also make the menu. [EaterWire]

EASTSIDE — Lotus of Siam has fish with Northern larb and stir fry shrimp with curry powder on its secret menu. [EaterWire]

Kona Grill

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Lotus of Siam

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