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Rathaus to Bring a German Beer Hall to Hawaiian Marketplace

Ein Prosit, ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit! Rathaus is coming to the Strip.

Bradley Martin

The welcome upgrades to the Strip's Hawaiian Marketplace have begun and a major new tenant will bring a large chunk of European flavor to the Ninth Island.

The 6,540-square-foot Rathaus tavern will feature a German beer hall theme and take full advantage of an outdoor patio facing the Strip and views of CityCenter across Las Vegas Boulevard.


Rathaus - Photo: Bradley Martin

Outdoor seating will be shaded by the recently opened Chili's on the second floor and the tavern proper sits inside a former 7-Eleven and Crazy Ely souvenir store. Construction work will completely remodel the front pedestrian walkway, removing the steps and creating an open plaza with new decorative plants.


Rathaus - Photo: Bradley Martin

Rathaus is a co-creation of Mark DiMartino and Hig Management. DiMartino was most recently behind Pizza Buddha inside Hig's F.A.M.E. "Chinatown Food Experience" at The Linq. Also inside F.A.M.E. was the first bricks-and-mortar location of Fukuburger, who are now taking over Zingers right next door to Rathaus and across the Hawaiian Marketplace from Hig's very own food court, also advertised as a "Chinatown Food Experience."

The beer hall's architecture and design will feature work by local firm KWDG, who were behind Hig's Yong Kang Street at Paris Las Vegas and their International Eatery food court at Downtown's Neonopolis.

The 80,000-square-foot, open-air Hawaiian Marketplace had been in a downhill spiral for years before the current turnaround plans. Also on the horizon, a new center bar to shoo away some current trinket hawkers and a new name when owners Metroflag drop the Hawaiian theme later this year.

No timetable for a completion has been announced for Rathaus or Fukuburger.

Hawaiian Marketplace

3743 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109 (702) 795-2247