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Bacon-Centric Bacon Boys Unleashes Pork on an Unsuspecting Las Vegas

The food truck promises bacon, bacon and more bacon.

Bacon Boys
Bacon Boys

The new Bacon Boys food truck launched with a small menu of bacon-centric dishes. Try the Fluffernutter, made with crunchy or creamy peanut butter, bacon and toasted marshmallow fluff. You can even add Nutella. The Donut[Dot]Vegas features a Pinkbox doughnut, bacon, egg and cheese as a breakfast sandwich.

The Aunt Matilda for $6 is a four-cheese grilled sandwich with bacon, while the $9 Stratton Oakmont uses roast beef with bacon, Swiss cheese and Chipotle mayo.

Coming this summer, the Dragon BLT, which the owners promise will be "the BLT built to amaze."

So far, the truck hasn’t posted locations but follow online here to keep track of future sightings.