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Jayde Fuzion Switches Over to All-You-Can-Eat

Diners have three AYCE options starting next week.

Jayde Fuzion
Jayde Fuzion
Chelsea McManus

Jayde Fuzion, the Asian restaurant at the M Resort, goes all-you-can-eat starting March 18 and drops its hours to Wednesdays through Sundays from 5 to 10 p.m.

Jayde Fuzion was created in 2013 when Seonkyoung Longest, the home cook with no professional cooking experience, won her own restaurant at the M Resort on Restaurant Express. Four months later, she left the restaurant. Last June, the restaurant added an all-you-can-eat option.

Now guests can order one of three all-you-can-eat options. Go for sushi and nigiri for $24.95, Jayde specialities for $24.95 or all the above for $32.95. Each dinner comes with miso soup, edamame, pickled Asian cucumber salad and, for guests 21 and over, a carafe of sake. Add sashimi for $4.95 for three slices and tack on dessert for another $3.95.

On the sushi and nigiri side of the menu, chef Mark Sandoval has 10 rolls including spicy tuna, California and a veggie roll as well as eight nigiri dishes including ikura, hamachi, sake, hirame, unagi, maguro, albacore and ebi.

Jayde Fuzion specialty dishes include pork and vegetable spring rolls, shrimp tempura, steamed barbcue pork buns, pan-fried pot stickers, crispy calamari, chicken lettuce wraps, honey walnut prawns, beef and broccoli, crispy lemon chicken, Chinese fried rice, chow Mein and spicy tofu.

Jayde Fuzion

12300 Las Vegas Blvd S, Henderson, NV 89044 (702) 797-1000