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Heavens Above, La Gloria Rolls Out Mexican Street Fare

Also find a fruteria and infusion margaritas.

La Gloria
La Gloria

San Antonio chef Johnny Hernandez debuts his highly praised twist on Mexican street foods at the Forum Food Court inside Caesars Palace. La Gloria just opened with tacos bistec made with a house blended marinade, tacos al pastor with roasted pork and pineapple, ceviche Veracruzano and quesadilla gringa with roasted pork and bacon.

The Top Chef guest judge also brings a fruteria with fruit blends, fruit cups, aguas frescas andsmoothies of a variety of flavors, including the Verde, made with nopal, grapefruit, pineapple, celery, parsley and orange juice.

Also imbibe on infusion margarita in flavors such as Los Pepinos with cucumber, Las Fresas with berries and Mexican Canela and Pina Mezcal.

This is the first La Gloria (Spanish for “the heavens”) outside of San Antonio. 

He joins the already debuted Smashburger, Brooklyn's DiFara Pizza and Maryland's Phillips Seafood Express.

Caesars Palace

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