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Fremont Street Becomes Less Social, Adds Therapy

Downtown's Prohibition-themed bar has already changed its name.

Bradley Martin

Fremont Social began as a proposed, Prohibition themed, 4,149-square-foot tavern, but the next occupant of the former Dollar Store$ shop on Fremont East has undergone an identity crisis. The latest in the never ending procession of restaurants and bars to hit Fremont Street is now being built under the name of Therapy.

First revealed by Eater Vegas last November, Fremont Social's plans were to gut the dollar store, remodel the front entrance, add a kitchen, bar and a mezzanine. The restaurant was designed to host live entertainment at least twice a week and create a menu of "urban American" dishes served "Tapas style."

A new bar would be roomy enough for 20 stools and 56 seats were allocated for the main restaurant dining room. A 592-square-foot dining mezzanine could welcome another 54, creating a grand total of 130 potential customers.


Therapy - Photo: Bradley Martin

Despite the name change to Therapy, the restaurant layout appears intact and current construction clearly shows the mezzanine is still part of the design. It remains unclear if the promised "mild Prohibition Speak-easy theme" is still the central gimmick.

Paperwork filed with the city explained Fremont Social was designed "in the mood of the 1920s. In addition, staff members of the proposed establishment will be dressed in 1920’s styled clothing, and a live DJ playing 1920’s Ragtime music will be provided."

Therapy will arrive after the launch of a new rival, The Smashed Pig gastropub, also under construction directly across the street. Eater Vegas broke the news husband and wife chef team Martin Swift and Linda Rodriguez are working to debut their concept this summer.

Dollar Store$

520 E. Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV 89104