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SNHD Shuts Down Cafe Verdi West Pizzeria for Good

The health district warned the restaurant, and cites repeat violations.

Bradley Martin

You will never again dine at Cafe Verdi West Pizzeria at 3111 S. Valley View Blvd., at least with its current owners. The Southern Nevada Health District shut down the restaurant permanently after repeat violations.

SNHD closed the restaurant on March 13 with 42 demerits. JRN reports that inspectors found employees handling cooked hamburgers with bar hands and utensils stored in stagnant water. Other violations included hardened food debris found on a cheese shredder, mixing bowl, can opener blade and slicer, as well as ham, raw chicken and ground beef held at unsafe temperatures.

SNHD shut down the restaurant six months ago with a cockroach infestation.

Cafe Verdi West received a letter from SNHD “warning the owner that if he got a C grade or closure within 12 months, his restaurant would be immediately shut down and the permit suspended pending revocation.”

JRN reports that the letter cites "an ongoing pattern of noncompliance with basic food safety as well as health district regulations. …The Health District can no longer allow your facility to operate in a way that endangers public health."