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Whoa, Daddy! Other Mama Is Not Your Parent's Japanese Raw Bar

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Get to this raw bar and cocktail joint before you can never get a seat.

Other Mama
Other Mama
Amelinda B Lee

Other Mama
Address: 3655 S. Durango Drive
Phone: 702-463-8382
Status: Open daily from 5 p.m. to midnight

Your new sleeper hit on the west side comes from Dan Krohmer, a chef who trained under Morimoto. The name of the game at Other Mama is cocktails and a raw bar, with oysters written on a chalkboard and sashimi.

Pick from sauces such as wasabi cocktail, rosemary mignonette and pickled peppers and habenero to go with your oysters. The tight menu includes ceviche with sweet potato chips, spicy tuna tartare with waffle fries, a scallop carpaccio, big eye tuna with roasted beets and avocado and more all in the $9 to $17 range.

Land a four-piece oyster Foi Rockefeller for $15 or spicy yuzu chicken wings for $13. Go fancy with caviar and French toast for $18 or the grilled Prime ribeye with a miso Hollandaise for $27, the most expensive item on the menu. Other treats include panko fried oysters, shrimp and jalapeño hush puppies, pork belly kim chi fried rice and togarashi waffle fries.

Mixologist David English puts together the cocktail menu here with house-made ingredients, all going for $9. Try the Aunt Opal with Tito’s vodka and ginger beer, the Bessie with Cazadores Reposado, watermelon, habanero honey and Dog Fish IPA or the Trixie with Jameson, Canton Ginger, lemon and cayenne. Sparkling cocktails go to $10.