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An IncrediBear and 700 Pizzas an Hour Break Ground at the Boulevard Mall

John’s Incredible Pizza Co. wants to debut in late 2015.

John's Incredible Pizza Co.
John's Incredible Pizza Co.

Your kids are about to have a new place to go. John’s Incredible Pizza Co. just broke ground on a 60,000-square-foot venue with room for 1,000 guests coming to the Boulevard Mall in late 2015.

The venue, which can serve up to 700 pizzas an hour, splits the space in half with food on one side and fun on the other. A family-style all-you-can-eat buffet features 40-plus items on the salad bar along with pizzas, fried chicken, pasta with homemade sauces, soups, a potato bar and desserts.

Themed dining rooms include the Tahoe-style "Cabin Fever," the kid favorite "Toon Time Theatre," or "Hall of Fame" sports room.

The other side of the venue features more than 100 games, rides and attractions including adult-sized bumper cars; Twister, an intense spinning experience; glow golf; a mini bowling alley and Air IncrediBear, a swinging plane. The furry, dancing mascot named IncrediBear is always on hand.

This marks the 10th location for the Victorville, Calif., restaurant chain that opened in 1997.

Boulevard Mall

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