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Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer (Still) Plans to Open a Bar on the Strip

He says an announcement is three weeks out.

Jon Taffer
Jon Taffer
Jon Taffer

Last year, Bar Rescue host Jon Taffer told Eater Vegas that he wanted to open a bar on the Strip. "I think there is a lack of great bars here. My dream is to create the world's best bar on the Strip. There's no great bar experience. You don't want to ignore the over 34 demographic," he said.

Now it looks like he is "about three weeks away from the formal announcement" of his bar.

Taffer, who also runs the Nightclub & Bar Show coming March 30 through April 1, says Las Vegas may reign when it comes to nightclubs but "we’re not famous for the best bars in the world…We’ve seen a lot of bars open on the Strip, and none of them have claimed that spot," he tells the Las Vegas Sun.

"Somebody is going to claim this spot and is going to have the equal prominence as a bar that XS or Hakkasan has as a nightclub venue. I see that as a major shift in Las Vegas in the next year or so, and it’s started, but it hasn’t matured yet."

Obviously, the Eater Vegas tipline is wide open.