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Aburiya Raku Expanding, Right Next Door

Patio seating is coming to Raku this summer.

Abriya Raku
Abriya Raku
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With only 48 seats and consistently one of the hottest tickets in town, Aburiya Raku is meeting demand by expanding in the simplest possible way. A 700-square-foot covered patio is proposed for the vacant lot on the west side of the restaurant. There will be no changes to Raku's existing interior layout.

Plans call for a hedge to be constructed with bamboo, juniper or similar plants to cut off pedestrians from the new dining area. The project awaits Clark County approval before starting construction.

Further upgrades to Seoul Plaza include the arrival of new neighbor Sagos Tavern within the next few weeks. The tavern says they "plan to work with some of the amazing neighboring restaurants to have food ordered and delivered to Sagos patrons."


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