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Salvatore Calabrese Makes The World's Oldest Martini at Bound

The two ingredients had a combined age of 240 years.

Salvatore Calabrese made what he called the world’s oldest martini on Monday night at Bound at The Cromwell. The bartender, who created the cocktail menu at the cocktail lounge, used Park & Tilford unfiltered New York gin circa 1900 and Noilly Prat vermouth circa 1890, "equating to 240 years of history."

"You are participating in a piece of history here," Calabrese says in a press statement. "We are talking the king of the cocktail…the martini. Out of any other cocktail in the world, if someone asked me which is king, this is the king."

The stunt was part of a celebration of Calabrese’s updated edition of his first cocktail book, Classic Cocktails, coming out on April 21.


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