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Behold, the In-Your-Face Plans for Fremont's 322 Tavern

The Fremont Street Experience tried to block a bar. It's back, bigger than before.

322 Tavern
322 Tavern
Piccadilly Circus Pizza

The Fremont Street Experience's very vocal opposition to a new bar on their block might have backfired. Since August 2014, the owners of Piccadilly Circus Pizza on Fremont Street have been attempting to re-brand as a bar-meets-bakery concept, competing with the big-boy casinos in downtown's lucrative booze-filled world.

Experience CEO Jeff Victor and casino operators united in protest against the idea, warning that once the little guys get a liquor license, they only need to take one more step for them to apply for a gaming license and potentially start chipping away at casino revenues. Pushed into a corner, the tavern now appears to be fearlessly willing to challenge casinos for their lounge patron dollars.

322 Tavern

Future 322 Tavern. Photo: Bradley Martin

Tentatively dubbed 322 Tavern, the pizza joint aims to transform into a 30-seat bar with 42 table seats and upstairs add a 3,600-square-foot rooftop deck, hosting a deejay at least twice a week. TVs will be mounted to feature sporting events and seating is designed for guests to watch the Viva Vision light shows and SlotZilla zipline high-flyers.

322 Tavern view

322 Tavern view. Photo: Bradly Martin

While the proposed changes create a 55 percent increase in size on the Piccadilly Pizza side of the building, the owner's own Souvenir Super Mart next door will remain intact. They continue to sell the discount booze the Fremont Street Experience also finds objectionable.

Both 322 Tavern bars will feature "craft, domestic and imported beer," and the downstairs kitchen will serve baked goods and "creative and delicious snacks."

322 Tavern

322 Tavern rendering

The new proposal awaits City Council approval. Other Fremont Street bars on the horizon include a sidewalk concept outside the Girls of Glitter Gulch strip club and a rumored new bar created by the Fremont Hotel & Casino, residing under their entrance canopy.

Piccadilly Pizza & Subs

322 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101 (702) 477-0188