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ChiAm Plans to Dominate the Casual Asian Dining Scene

A Las Vegas dim sum concept has huge ambitions.

ChiAm rendering
ChiAm rendering

Step aside pandas, a new Las Vegas venture wants to steal your thunder. Local entrepreneurs ChiAm are hoping to one day open as many as 30 locations in Las Vegas and Henderson, serving their spin on dim sum and "healthy organic dishes."

Before they hit double digits, the counter service chain is aiming to debut two or three stores by the end of August and then rapidly begin their expansion.

The concept was created by the operators of Henderson's East Ocean Dim Sum & Seafood restaurant. While the team is unwilling to reveal their initial locations readying to start construction, a current, impressively realistic rendering places a ChiAm at the corner of Park Center and Sage Park Drive in Downtown Summerlin.

ChiAm promises they will "not add MSG to any of our entrees or sides and we do not purchase products from suppliers who add MSG." An announcement on the progress of the first trio of Las Vegas restaurants and further plans for California and Arizona is expected next month.

East Ocean Dim Sum

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