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Hussong's Cantina Cha Cha Chas into a Second Location in Las Vegas

Brace for an even more casual restaurant on the west side.

Hussong's Cantina is taking over Ember's.
Hussong's Cantina is taking over Ember's.

Las Vegas' best margarita is headed to Boca Park. Hussong’s Cantina plans to open its first location off-Strip in mid-summer when it takes over the former Ember’s space at the expansive shopping mall on the west side. Ember's shut down a week ago.

The restaurant plans to offer fast-casual service with a full bar. So expect all the character behind Hussong’s paired with a slimmed down menu and, of course, margaritas. The restaurant claims to have created the concoction in 1941 when bartender Don Carlos Orozco combined equal parts tequila, Damiana and lime, served over ice in a salt-rimmed glass. The guest he was trying the impress? Margarita Henkel, a frequent bar customer in Baja, Calif., who was the daughter of the German ambassador to Mexico.

Managing partner Brian Mangino was promoted to director of operations for Hussong's USA and will be oversee this new location as well.

Hussong’s already has its five-year-old location at Mandalay Place.

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