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Comedian Jo Koy Talks About His Involvement in Yojie Japanese Fondue

Koy divulges his love for swish swish dishes and how involved he will be in the restaurant.

Jo Koy
Jo Koy
Treasure Island

Comedian Jo Koy is now a partner in Yojie Japanese Fondue, the shabu shabu restaurant opening at Village Square on Friday. Eater Vegas talked briefly with the funny guy who spent part of his life living in Las Vegas and plans to perform at Treasure Island on Friday night, coinciding with the opening of the restaurant. The restaurant uses pots of boiling water that diners use to "swish-swish" items like Kobe-style or Angus beef, salmon, chicken, vegetables and noodles, all of which are rapidly cooked in the pots. The compact menu also includes desserts and a selection of sake and cocktails.

Yojie Japanese Fondue

Yojie Japanese Fondue. Photo: Facebook

What made you decide to partner in Yojie Japanese Fondue?
I’ve always had an interest in the restaurant business, and shabu shabu is mine and my son's favorite food. Also, my business partner Anton is a good friend of mine, with great energy, so when the opportunity presented itself, I knew it was the right move.

When do you expect to open?
The soft opening is May 1. Grand opening May 22.

How involved will you be in the restaurant?
I will be hands on with the operations. I’ll being doing a lot to promote it and I’ll definitely being eating there a lot.

Village Square

2376-2498 S Fort Apache Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89117 (702) 715-4110