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Mancini Calls the Pies at Radio City Pizza 'Among the Best in Town'

Radke has no fried chicken grievances with PDQ.

Radio City Pizza
Radio City Pizza

Al Mancini doesn’t like his round New York-style pizzas cut into squares. That said, he says the pizzas at Radio City Pizza "are among the best in town—solid New York street pies that rival the offerings at Metro and Secret Pizza." He takes a look at the revamped menu there. He recommends the pork pie with "house-pickled jalapeño, which has just enough kick to rock your palate without overpowering it." While he says Brussels sprouts are the "overdone trend of the year," Radio City’s version done in the oven are "more flavorful than the fried version." He also says the daily crudo and the oysters Fiamma are two other dishes to try. "[T]his spot now makes my top three choices, alongside Carson Kitchen and Eat." [VS]

Brock Radke heads north to the new PDQ. He airs his grievances about chicken: “fried chicken is too inconsistent” whether served at a drive-thru or a fancy restaurant. He wants his fried chicken perfect. “When it comes to PDQ, I have no chicken grievances,” he says. [LVW]


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Radio City Pizza

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