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Rapper Rick Ross Sends Floyd Mayweather Jr. 200-Plus Bottles of Luc Belaire

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The special delivery arrived at Mayweather's Southern Highlands mansion.

Luc Belaire Brut
Luc Belaire Brut
Luc Belaire

Which fighter is already prepping for a big win on Saturday night? That would be Floyd Mayweather Jr., who just received a shipment of more than 200 bottles of Luc Belaire ahead of Saturday’s fight of the century boxing match against Manny Pacquiao.

Mayweather and The Money Team received a shipment at Mayweather’s Southern Highlands mansion. The Belaire was a gift from Mayweather’s pal and Belaire super fan rapper Rick Ross.

Ross won’t be at Saturday’s fight due; he has a show in South Africa. He did visit Las Vegas last weekend to watch the champ train and show his support.

The approximate value of his gift is just over $10,000.  

The New England Patriots also celebrated their Super Bowl victory with a 15-liter bottle of Belaire in February.

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