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Rock On, Pahrump! Vince Neil’s Tatuado Wild Side Saloon Is Coming

Mötley Crüe wild-man Vince Neil is building a roadhouse outside of Las Vegas.

Vince Neil’s Tatuado Wild Side Saloon
Vince Neil’s Tatuado Wild Side Saloon

It's not the Vegas strip, but there's plenty of room to raise a ruckus. The Mötley Crüe front man has put his entrepreneur hat back on and is planning to drop Vince Neil’s Tatuado Wild Side Saloon 60 miles west of Las Vegas.

According to the Pahrump Valley Times, a business license application for the saloon has been filed and project overseers Tatuado Hospitality Management Group told the Times, "there is something in the works."

The Wild Side Saloon would slot into a 3,962-square-foot building with a parking lot big enough for 75 cars. The 3,100-square-foot, open plan main room was described by the property broker as suitable for "karaoke, pool tables and seating along free-standing counters and at tables." The real-estate agent explained, "game nights are no problem with TVs and a giant screen for showing the game."

Vince Neil’s Tatuado Wild Side Saloon

Vince Neil’s Tatuado Wild Side Saloon - Photo: Google Maps

Despite appearances of being off the beaten track, the sellers described the saloon as located "on a well traveled road leading to numerous points of interest such as "Front Sight Firearms Training Institute," "Spring Mountain Motor Sports Ranch" and numerous wineries."

Amenities include an 800-square-foot section "with bathrooms," that "can be used by the owner as a restaurant or leased as a concession, bbq stop or liquor store."

Work will be needed to spruce up the place, but the bar remains fully intact. Zoned for 15 gaming machines not included in the sale, all the "wiring remains," a nice incentive to earn a steady income from gambling.

This isn't the first "Wild Side" project from Neil. Named after a Mötley Crüe song on the album Girls, Girls, Girls, the singer tweeted a claim back in 2013 his "rock and roll" Wildside Saloon sports bar would open at the Hooters Casino Hotel within "30 days." It never materialized and the business license, erroneously registered as the "Wide Side Saloon," has since expired.

While Vince Neil's Tatuado Restaurant & Cantina shuttered at the former LVH resort in December, Vince Neil's Tatuado Eat Drink and Party is still rocking nightly at Circus Circus. The Las Vegas resident is also currently busy promoting his band's farewell tour and his Arena Football League team, the Las Vegas Outlaws.

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