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Pineapple Park Arrives With Dole Whip on the Strip

The Hawaiian Marketplace makeover keeps on upgrading.

Pineapple Park
Pineapple Park
Bradley Martin

If you've ever tried Dole soft serve at a Disney theme park or on vacation in Hawaii, you now have three Las Vegas locations to satisfy your cravings for "Dole Whip."

Pineapple Park has debuted at the Hawaiian Marketplace, serving up the frozen desert in flavors like pineapple, mango, chocolate and vanilla, plus toppings including fresh bananas or blueberries, mango sauce, Nutella, rainbow sprinkles, li hing mui, cheesecake bites and granola .

Originally found locally at the Boulevard Mall food court, that location has now shuttered and Pineapple Park operates in Southern Highlands at the Smith’s Shopping Center and another newly debuted outpost at downtown's Neonopolis, inside the International Eatery operated by Hig Management.

Hig are also the guiding force behind the Hawaiian Marketplace's new dining, including the recently opened Fukuburger and the under construction, 6,426-square-foot, Rathaus German beer hall themed tavern.

FukuBurger - Hawaiian Marketplace

3743 Las Vegas Blvd S #104, Las Vegas, NV 89109 (702) 776-8928