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Leone Cafe Shut Down by SNHD with an Imminent Health Hazard

The coffee shop at Tivoli Village had no hot or potable water.

Leone Cafe
Leone Cafe
Urban Spoon

Leone Cafe, the coffee bar at Tivoli Village, was shut down by the Southern Nevada Health District with an imminent hazard after a routine inspection on Monday, May 11.

Inspectors found that the restaurant had no hot or potable water during the routine inspection.

The restaurant also racked up 47 demerits for spoiled food, staff not washing their hands, food unprotected from potential contamination, inaccurate thermometers and more.

Cafe Leone demerits

Cafe Leone demerits

Leone Cafe earned 33 demerits during an inspection in 2014, but usually earns A grades since opening in 2011.

The Southern Nevada Health District routinely shuts down restaurants that receive more than 40 demerits. Restaurants have the option of requesting a re-inspection before the next scheduled inspection.

Leoné Café

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