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Pressed Juicery to Squeeze into Aria and Tivoli Village

If 2014 was the year of the burger, 2015 will see an invasion of juice.

Pressed Juicery
Pressed Juicery
Bradley Martin

Upcoming upgrades at Aria include two boozy lounges and a red meat, red sauce Italian restaurant, but if you wish to purge some your indulgences at those locales, you can soon head over to Pressed Juicery, adjacent to the Terrene retail store. The glass walled, 1,000-square-foot spot is part of an estimated $267,000 makeover of the resort's women's fashion boutique.

With more than 35 California locations and impending expansion to Las Vegas and New York, Pressed Juicery will be part of a rapidly approaching wave of zesty options heading into the city and suburbs. Already on the horizon are Fruits & Roots, Juice NV, Pressed for Juice, Function Juicery and expansions for already existing brands.

Pressed Juicery's cold-pressed creations are derived from vegetables, roots and fruits and served in 16 fluid ounce containers. They range in concept from cold-brewed coffee to a medley of coconut blends to revitalizing citrus drinks.

The company is also readying to set up shop in Tivoli Village inside suite 135. The Tivoli site is described as coming soon, while the Aria branch is under construction. Both locations have yet to be announced by their landlords.


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