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Take a Look at How Therapy Is Coming Along on Fremont East

Therapy, the new restaurant and bar going in the former Dollar Store$ on Fremont East, is getting closer to opening, penning in a mid-June debut. Already the 4,149-square-foot tavern brought Daniel Ontiveros on board as the chef.

First revealed by Eater Vegas last November when it was still called Fremont Social, the bar and restaurant plans were to gut the dollar store, remodel the front entrance, add a kitchen, bar and a mezzanine. The restaurant was designed to host live entertainment at least twice a week and create a menu of "urban American" dishes served "tapas style."

A new bar will have room for 20 stools, and 56 seats were allocated for the main restaurant dining room. A 592-square-foot dining mezzanine could welcome another 54, creating a grand total of 130 potential customers. Take a look at the construction.

Dollar Store$

520 E. Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV 89104