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Feed Your Inner Glutton for Brunch Starting This Weekend

Bradley Manchester's Downtown restaurant brings brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

Amelinda B Lee

Glutton launches what it’s calling "The Boozy Brunch" on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Bradley Manchester’s Downtown restaurant brings pastries, starters and main courses, along with new cocktails, to the new midday meal.

Find pastries including cinnamon buns with vanilla cream cheese frosting and Vietnamese cinnamon, French crullers and espresso crème and croissants with seasonal jam. Then head to the starters, where spicy pork rinds with cayenne and cheddar; salmon chips with pastrami cured salmon, tomato caper relish, cracked mustard cream cheese and red onion; and Greek yogurt panna cotta with cider-infused berries and granola are among the dishes.

For main courses, try the yeast risen pancakes, steak and eggs, egg white frittata with marinated tomatoes, baked tomatoes and eggs with tomato and piquillo pepper sauce, wood-roasted chicken hash with poached eggs, Benedict with braised pork cheek, shrimp scampi omelet with garlic spinach, or the straight up breakfast plate with eggs, bacon or sausage, duck fat potatoes and Texas toast.

New brunch cocktails include Pappes Peaches with Bulleit bourbon, Giffard crème de peche, honey, lemon and basil; Glutton Mary with kimchi bloody Mary mix, American Harvest Vodka, shrimp, pickled mushrooms, celery and togarashi chili; an Improved Mule with Stoli Ohranj, mulberry vinegar, fresh lime, ginger beer; Peach Bellini with Martini & Rossi Prosecco, peach shrub and lemon; Aquavito with Krogstad aquavit, agave, lime and mint; Fremont Flip with Don Q white rum, St. George spiced pear liqueur; egg white and cardamom; Morningshade with chilled coffee, tequila, milk, cinnamon, orange and vanilla; Evans Colors, with American Harvest vodka, cucumber, basil, blueberries and lemon.

Below, the entire menu.

Brunch Food
CINNAMON BUNS vanilla cream cheese frosting, Vietnamese cinnamon 5
COFFEE & DOUGNUTS French crullers, espresso creme 5
CROISSANTS seasonal jam 5
SPICY PORK RINDS cayenne, cheddar 6
SALMON CHIPS pastrami cured salmon, tomato caper relish, cracked mustard cream cheese, red onion 12
GREEK YOGURT PANNA COTTA cider infused berries, granola 8
UNI TOAST scrambled eggs, garlic butter, caviar, chives 15
CHILLED BUCKWHEAT SOBA NOODLES yuzu & white soy dressing, cucumber, radish 8
YEAST RISEN PANCAKES cultured butter, maple cider syrup 8
STEAK & EGGS kalbi marinated rib eye, kim chee fried rice, poached egg 19
EGG WHITE FRITATTA marinated tomatoes, buratta, basil, balsamic reduction 12
BAKED TOMATOES & EGGS tomato & piquillo pepper sauce, two eggs, parmesan, tuscan kale, grilled ciabatta 14
WOOD ROASTED CHICKEN HASH poached eggs, roasted chicken, potatoes, peppers, sweet onion 15
BENEDICT braised pork cheek, poached eggs, crispy speck, focaccia, roasted garlic hollandaise 15
SHRIMP SCAMPI OMELET garlic spinach, tomatoes, scampi butter 18
STRAIGHT UP BREAKFAST PLATE eggs, bacon or sausage, duck fat potatoes, Texas toast 11
PROPER BREAKFAST SANDWICH house made sausage, caramelized onions, scrambled eggs, spicy bacon mayo, cheddar, duck fat potatoes 16
BREAKFAST SALAD wild greens, bacon, soft poached egg, duck fat potatoes, green goddess 14
CHICKEN SALAD SANDWICH roasted chicken, bacon, pickled tomatoes, gem lettuce, cranberry grain bread 14
CHARCUTERIE PANINI finocchiona salumi, bresaola, cappicola, manchego cheese, fig preserves 14


616 E Carson Ave Ste 110, Las Vegas, NV 89101 (702) 366-0623