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Las Vegas, Your Chick-fil-A Is On Its Way

Chick-fil-A cleared its first hurdle and is headed to a Henderson planning meeting.

Chick-fil-A Henderson rendering
Chick-fil-A Henderson rendering

It was never a rumor. As Eater Vegas first revealed, Chick-fil-A's very detailed, precise and carefully measured plans to move into the Nevada fast-casual dining scene are moving closer to a reality. Their first Las Vegas location will fill out 4,544 square feet and be equipped with a play area, a drive-thru and their cult-favorite chicken sandwiches.

Last month, the chicken kings cleared the first administrative hurdle of a City of Henderson Staff Review and now head to a June Planning Commission hearing, seeking approval for a use permit, design review and master sign agreement.

The future site is strategically placed across from an Outback Steakhouse, the recently debuted Hash House A Go Go and located in an area just south of Sunset Station and the Galleria at Sunset.

Chick-fil-A Henderson rendering

Chick-fil-A Henderson rendering: Chick-fil-A

While the original project justification letter touted a 24-hour restaurant, current architectural drawings suggest they will be serving from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily and as per company policy, closed on Sunday. The architects note those details need to be "verified," alongside their current assumption free Wifi will be included with your sandwich.

The space will offer 120 seats, a playground and outdoor patio seating, shaded under awnings. The prominent signage under review in June will direct guests to the drive-thru and a flag pole will be flying the Stars and Stripes.

As revealed last month, the architectural plans are well advanced, but no construction timetable has been publicly announced. In their enthusiastic introduction letter to the City of Henderson, Chick-Fil-A stressed the owners of this outpost will continue the company's tradition of "serving their local communities through volunteerism and non-profit partnerships."

Chick-fil-A cravers remain well aware the closest location to Las Vegas can be found in Saint George, Utah, 113.74 miles away.


460 North Stephanie Street, Henderson, NV 89014, USA