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Brace — The Hello Kitty Cafe Truck Infiltrates Las Vegas with Cuteness Galore

Yes, you can sample Hello Kitty dishes when the food truck rolls into Las Vegas on June 20.

Hello Kitty food truck
Hello Kitty food truck

Adorable Hello Kitty is found on just about everything from pencils and stuffed animals to lunch boxes and luggage. The 40-year-old Japanese icon also has a food truck, and it plans to invade Las Vegas on Saturday, June 20.

The tour of California and now Las Vegas is part of a promotion for the very first Hello Kitty Cafe, opening in Orange County this summer. The first location in the continental United States joins a Honolulu Sanrio Cafe.

Expect massive lines when the moving cafe comes to Fashion Show mall from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Everything on board is Hello Kitty themed. The van carries macarons, petit fours, doughnuts, water bottles and hot chocolate. As Hello Kitty tends to do, the water bottles come in the shape of the bowtie in her hair, the doughnuts have white chocolate bowties and petit fours feature almond butter cakes filled with truffle creams, fruit fillings and butter creams wrapped in fondant with the cute cat on them. At previous events, guests who purchased $25 in product nabbed a free tote.

Hyperventilate over the cuteness below.

Hello Kitty lines

Hello Kitty lines. Photo: Instagram

Hello Kitty petit fours

Hello Kitty petit fours. Photo: Instagram

Hello Kitty doughnuts

Hello Kitty doughnuts. Photo: Instagram

Hello Kitty water bottle

Hello Kitty water bottle. Photo: Instagram

Hello Kitty lemonade

Hello Kitty lemonade made with juice from Meyer Lemons, a cross between mandarin oranges and lemons and mixed with real puréed strawberries. Photo: Instagram

Hello Kitty macarons

Hello Kitty macarons. Photo: Instagram

Fashion Show Mall

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