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Yusho After Dark Returns with Bobby Silva, Kikusui Funaguchi Sake Cans Unveiled

Silva joins chef Brian Lhee in the kitchen while Yusho reveals its own Kikusui Funaguchi sake cans.

Amelinda B Lee

Yusho After Dark returns on Tuesday, June 2, with bites and a specialty Kikusui Funaguchi sake can. Chef Bobby Silva of SushiSamba at the Grand Canal Shoppes joins chef Brian Lhee of Yusho at the Monte Carlo in the kitchen with appetizers and ramen bites. 

Silva plans to serve escabeche minter sweet oyster with green strawberry and radish as well as carpaccio wagyu tongue with nori aioli and Asian pear. Lhee has agedashi tofu clams with soy, fennel, ginger, shrimp and scallop as well as general Tso’s sweetbreads lettuce wrap with sushi rice.

Look for Yusho snacks such as red curry ramen with pork belly, whipped coconut and kaffir lime; lamb meatballs with Moroccan barbecue and scallion; garlic gyoza with toasty garlic puree, ricotta and get mints; dragon gnocchi rice cakes with spicy Korean barbecue and scallion; charred eggplant with pickled ramps and Oriental mustard; and Earl Grey mochi fruit loops with chocolate.

A DJ spins hip hop music and Las Vegas street artist Mowgli creates a work of art right before guests’ eyes. Wirtz Beverage sake director Eric Swanson will be on hand to share tasting notes and his sake expertise with the crowd.

Yusho's Kikusui Funaguchi

Yusho's Kikusui Funaguchi sake cans. Photo: Yusho

The largest pourer of Kikusui Funaguchi sake in the world, Yusho will be the only restaurant to carry its own personalized can, created by Chicago artist Sarah Becan.

Funaguchi is a fresh sake that hasn’t been pasteurized or blended with a light, rich flavor and continues to mature in the can. At 19.8 percent alcohol content, it packs a kick to get the party started.  

The event runs from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. with tickets starting at $25. That lands you one of Yusho’s draught cocktails and dishes created by both Lhee and Silva. Additional cocktails are available for $5 each.

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