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Sin City Brewing Unleashes Its First Maibock on an Unsuspecting Public

The beer is on tap through June.

Sin City Brewing Co.
Sin City Brewing Co.

Make like a Bavarian monk and fast on Maibock. Sin City Brewing Co. debuts its first Maibock seasonal beer today.

"I’ve noticed that nowadays when people order seasonal beers, they want that extra oomph! Our Maibock is like an amber lager on steroids," Sin City’s master brewer Rich Johnson says in a press statement. "It is strong, but not hoppy at all. So guests will enjoy a very smooth, malty and balanced beer that packs a punch."

The Maibock is 7.2 percent ABV and 25 IBU.

SinCity Brewing notes that "bock beers are stronger versions of classic German lagers, usually brewed for the separate seasons, "Mai" meaning the month of May in German. The Maibock was historically used as a source of nutrition for Bavarian monks during times of fasting."

Maibock can be found on tap through June at Harmon Corner and Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian locations.