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Fremont Street's Las Vegas Club to be Chopped in Two

That promised Fremont Street Experience pharmacy is on its way.

Las Vegas Club
Las Vegas Club

Over a year since the Las Vegas Club declared its intentions to bring a major brand pharmacy to Fremont Street, the plan is finally moving forward. While unnamed, but still widely believed to be a CVS store, the casino wants to drop a 13,810-square-foot pharmacy on the eastern side of the casino. Taking over that corner entrance, current plans indicate it will also wipe out the casino bar, best known for its $2 shots and $2 beer and hot dog deals.

The casino has been limping among since it shuttered its hotel in 2013. Owned by the Tamares Group, who also own the neighboring Plaza Hotel & Casino, the Las Vegas Club's amenities are so minimal the company directs guests across Main Street to the Plaza for any dining and entertainment options.

The shrinking of the gaming floor from an estimated 22,21 square feet to 9,029 square feet would leave the casino not too much bigger than the tiny Mermaids Casino located farther down Fremont Street.

Initial paperwork headed to the City is first asking for permission for the retailer to sell liquor on the premises. Harsh restrictions on new booze vendors who want to set up a stall on Fremont Street conveniently do not apply to grocery stores or pharmacies sized "not less than not less than twelve thousand feet of gross internal floor area." To further appease the City, a 450-square-foot pharmacy will be included. The pharmacy dedicates 1,050 square feet of shelf space to alcohol, but none of their boozy wares will be promoted to pedestrians.

No timetable for the construction has yet been offered. In the meantime, at the far, opposite end of the Fremont Street Experience sits a very popular Walgreens.