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Meet Your New Secret Society Coffee House Illumilatte Brew Society

Be sure to ask about the secret menu.

Illumilatte Brew Society
Illumilatte Brew Society
Amelinda B Lee

Illumilatte Brew Society
Address: 6825 W. Russell Road
Phone: 702-781-1339
Status: Open Mondays through Saturdays from noon to midnight

With their tongue-in-cheek and "curated beverages" on the menu, Illumilatte Brew Society is now open in the Spring Valley retail center, home of the former Bachi HLK, now rebranded as a Bachi Burger. The 1,265-square-foot coffee house takes over a former beauty salon.

"We are founded on the secrecy and mystery surrounding the infamous Illuminati society, and on our deep passion for any and all curated beverages, especially lattes. Hence, Illumilatte."

Find frappes, iced teas and a secret menu you’ll have to ask about. Order up paninis, pizza, a Nutella croissant and other sweets as well. For entertainment, look for chess, checkers, dominos, card games and books lining the walls.