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Rosati's Pizza Adds Two More Locations to Pie You Over

Rosati's plans to circle the city this year with deep dish.

 Rosati's Pizza
Rosati's Pizza
Rosati's Pizza

There will be two more local locations to find the Rosati's pizza name later this year. 3,600 square feet of a former Round Table Pizza at the Warm Springs Plaza will become the franchise's fifth dedicated pizza spot. Also, on the way, a Rosati's Sports Pub, heading to North Las Vegas at the corner of Decatur Blvd. and Rice Ave.

Chicago born in 1964, the franchise currently operates in 158 locations with 25 designed as pubs. In Las Vegas, of their eight locales, two are in Henderson and there are already three dedicated sports pubs.

In addition to familiar pizzeria fare of sandwiches, salads and pasta dishes, at their Hualapai Way branch they offer a deep fried cheesecake calzone, drizzled with your choice of chocolate or caramel sauce.

Round Table Pizza

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