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Eight Tips for Getting Married in a Restaurant in Las Vegas

What you need to know before booking your wedding at a restaurant or bar in Las Vegas.

Weddings at Eiffel Tower Restaurant
Weddings at Eiffel Tower Restaurant

Las Vegas has weddings down pat. More people get married here than anywhere else in the United States, making it the Wedding Capital of the World. Here, eight tips on how to book your wedding or reception at a restaurant or bar in Las Vegas.

1. If you have the money, you can rent out pretty much any restaurant in Las Vegas as the setting for your wedding.

2. Smaller groups between eight and 20 can book out private rooms in restaurants on OpenTable. The restaurant reservation site has more than 200 restaurants that will book groups into the hundreds. Click larger groups from the dropdown menu to see how many people a restaurant can accommodate.

3. You can also reach out to restaurants to request group dining, generally required for groups of 20 people. Group dining options can come with fees.

4. A private dining room generally comes with a special menu, but do inquire abut food and beverage minimums and room charges.

5. Heading to a buffet? Many have private areas for groups and charge a service fee on top of the normal rates.

6. Some restaurants will only work with certain vendors. Either compare your list ahead of time or request a preferred vendor list before making a deposit on outside vendors. Music, cakes and dance floors can cost extra.

7. You may be able to bring your own wines and liquors, but ask up front about corkage fees.

8. Cut costs by making it a weekday event or do it in the afternoon. Thursdays through Sundays are the most expensive days to hold a wedding.