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Alizé's New Coffee Program Uses Vacuum Pots

Plus two coffees roasted by Colorado River Coffee Roasters

Alizé coffee service
Alizé coffee service

Meet the new coffee program at Alizé, André Rochat’s French restaurant on the 56th floor of the Palms. Diners who order the tasting menu can get the new Cona Vacuum coffee maker experience, assembled then presented at the table for “a private mini-spectacle.”

The British Cona Vacuum coffee maker heats water and then coffee through a vacuum pot system. Boulder City-based Colorado River Coffee Roasters created two special blends for the restaurant — the Red Wall and Cascadia Decaf blends.

Alizé's executive chef Mark Purdy collaborated with Colorado River Coffee's roastmaster Erik Anderson to create the proprietary Red Wall blend named after formations at the neighboring Grand Canyon. The flavors are inspired by the canyon and include sweet fruit, cocoa and soft nutty flavors with a bright finish.

The Cascadia Decaf blend is a certified organic product featuring beans from Asia, Central and South America.

Accompanying the coffeemaker is a 3-tiered cylindrical glass container that contains honey for the tea or chantilly cream for the coffee, two types of sugar, shortbread and biscotti. The new coffee service takes about 10 minutes.


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