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Top Daytime Hot Spots, Ramsay's Newest Restaurant, Ben Vaughn on Charcuterie

A daily wrap up of the smaller news you may have missed.

Encore Beach Club
Encore Beach Club
Barbara Kraft

THE STRIP — Nightclub & Bar Media Group for some reason teamed up with Yelp on its first-ever Top 50 Rated Daytime Hot Spots. Only Encore Beach Club at Encore Las Vegas made the list at No. 30. Seriously?

SINGAPORE Shouty chef Gordon Ramsay just opened his Bread Street Kitchen at Marina Bay Sands. The two-floor restaurant serves British fare such as a pork belly, Shepherd's pie, roasted veal carpaccio and the BSK Burger with Monterey Jack cheese and spicy sriracha mayo. The restaurant joins Waku Ghin, DB Bistro Moderne, Osteria Mozza and Cut.

DOWNTOWNBen Vaughn takes a look at the history of charcuterie.