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The Golden Tiki Bar Sets a Date for a Fantastic Voyage

Branden Powers' themed Chinatown bar promises to debut next month.

The Golden Tiki
The Golden Tiki

Once the theme was "drink sum, play sum, dim sum," now the former Little Macau at The Center at Spring Mountain will become The Golden Tiki with four themed tiki lounge experiences.

Created by Branden Powers, a former creative director at the Hard Rock Hotel, the high-concept immersive space has been slowly revealed via Facebook. Alongside the to be expected elaborate cocktails, guests will encounter live entertainment, including "burlesque goddesses, lounge acts and human oddities." With construction racing along, Powers is confidently promising a July 17 debut.

Entering via a "secret lava rock cave entrance with waterfall," zones include The Pirates Lair and The Mermaid Cove, featuring a small stage styled as a 1920s theater. The Headhunter's Village is decorated with "skull racks, cargo cult artifacts and spears and weapons" and comes complete with a "20 foot magical waterfall - Seamen Falls." Mounted behind the bar will be the focal point Golden Tiki itself.

Tiki aficionados have noticed early Golden Tiki promotional images showed inspiration from Milwaukee's famed Foundation Bar tropical lounge.

The former 24-hour 4,000-square-foot, 150-seat Little Macau debuted in 2007, licensed as the only tavern in Chinatown. With Asian-inspired food and 15 slot machines, owners Fifth Street Gaming had originally planned to bring the concept to the under construction Downtown Grand. That plan, like so many for the resort, never came to fruition. Little Macau shuttered in March. The gaming machines have been grandfathered into The Golden Tiki's new residency.

Branden Powers
Branden Powers

Little Macau

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