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Get To Know the New Ultra Lounge — The Waterhole

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Sushi and poke combine with different music themes nightly.

The Waterhold Ultra Lounge
The Waterhold Ultra Lounge
Amelinda B Lee

The Waterhole Ultra Lounge
Address: 5115 Spring Mountain Road
Status: Open from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. Mondays through Saturdays

Meet The Waterhole Ultra Lounge, a new dining and drinking experience from the creators of Hippoesthetics, Tuesday Blend and Kaba Curry. The menu here focuses on sushi, poke and other raw dishes to complement the night's festivities. In-house deejays spin different genres of music nightly. Mondays feature slow jams and R&B, Tuesdays are freestyle and new jack swing, Wednesdays are selective top 40, Thursdays are classic hip-hop and R&B, Fridays are reggae, and Saturdays are house and funk music.