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Sin City Brewing Co.'s Rich Johnson Tells You Where to Drink Beer in Las Vegas

The brewmaster at Sin City Brewing Co. ha some new high-alcohol, seasonal drafts in the works.

Rich Johnson
Rich Johnson
Sin City Brewing Co.

Sin City Brewing Co.’s brewmaster Richard Johnson has more than 24 years of brewing history and experience building breweries. A decade ago, he created his own craft beer label, Sin City Brewing Co. His recipes include German lagers and English ales. Five of his beer recipes — Sin City Amber, Sin City Light, Sin City Stout, Sin City IPA and Sin City Weisee — use traditional methods. He’s also working on a new line of high-alcohol, seasonal drafts for Sin City Brewing that will debut at the Grand Canal Shoppes and Harmon Corner locations. Here he shares three of his favorite places to drink a beer when he’s not behind the bar at Sin City Brewing Co.

Which bars or lounges do you turn to when you’re not working?
Aces & Ales
Todd English P.U.B.
Hop Nuts

Of those places, which beers are most memorable?
Aces & Ales is my neighborhood go-to. Their passion for beer really shines through. The staff is great and really gets a read on guests’ beer tastes and are happy to direct them to try something new.

Why do you enjoy going there?
I enjoy going to Aces & Ales specifically because of their session selection. Last time I was there, they had a nice selection of session IPAs. Session brews can have phenomenal favors without the extreme elevated alcohol levels of the recent IPA trend. This is great for me because it's nice to be able to recall the beers you are drinking.

Todd English P.U.B. is the best place to enjoy a beer with incredible food. They always have a excellent selection of seasonal beers on tap. It's right across the Strip from several of my bars, and the patio is perfect. I also like to occasionally take the timer challenge (beat the timer and get pint free) at the bar and renew my man card.

Hop Nuts is the newest addition to our local beer scene. I always like to support the local guys and I really enjoy this spot. They also have a couple other local breweries on tap, so I can one-stop-shop.

Sin City Brewing Co.

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